The Future of E-commerce and Email is Mobile

The future of e-commerce is mobile.  The shift to mobile commerce has been rapid and it is important to keep pace with the trend.

Zenith's Mobile Advertising Forecast predicts that 75% of internet use will be mobile next year.  While this percentage might seem huge--it is!--this isn't a new trend.  Mobile internet use, which accounted for 40% of internet use in 2012, is up to 68% this year. That trend just keeps growing, and the numbers are too big to ignore.

Your clients are not only opening their emails on their mobile devices, they are clicking through and making purchases on the go.  When you consider the huge percentage of online use that is happening on mobile phones, it's no surprise that revenue driven by mobile emails is up 32% from last year, and up an astounding 80% over the past two years.  Making sure your email design and campaigns cater to mobile users isn't just a good idea--it's essential to the continuing growth of your business!

Unfortunately for some businesses, a study by Blue Hornet found that 42% of users polled admit to deleting emails that don't display properly on their mobiles, rather than saving the email for desktop viewing. While this can seem intimidating, all it takes is a little focus on your email program and you can ensure that your emails are reaching your audience--both mobile and otherwise--without compromising the content and without missing huge groups of users.