Email Services

Optimize Your Database for Segmentation and Personalization

Don’t sell customers what you have.

Figure out what a customer wants; show them why to buy it from you.

Modern email delivers personal,targeted messages.

Set up your database to know who they are, what they want and be ready to start an effective dialog

Maintain a Healthy Mailing List

When was the last time you cleaned up your email list?

Are there names on the list you aren't reaching?

Have you tried to re-engage names that haven't opened your emails in a while?

Keeping your list healthy and free of bad addresses is important, it also impacts delivery to your good addresses!

Cleansing too aggressively removes good addresses.

Peak Marketing Communication's strategy optimizes your numbers.

Automate Your Email

Welcome someone who signs up for your email list.

Remind someone they left a product in the shopping cart.

Thank someone for writing a review.

If you don’t have automated emails that trigger based on a contact’s action,

you are missing out messages that drive revenue and loyalty.

Peak Marketing Communication will identify your best points for communication and plan your strategy.

Integrate With Social, Content and Overall Marketing

You use more than one method of communication each day.

So do your customers.

What you say should be coordinated across all channels for consistency and brand building.

Let Peak Marketing Communications work with your team to cross your lists, and build your integrated plan.

Set Up Your Email System

Changing email providers?

Setting up a service for the first time?

Let someone who has used more every platform from basic to large-scale enterprise systems to entry level software help you navigate the process.

Get a Checkup

Not sure where to start, because you’re not sure where your email program is at right now?

You’re not alone.

Start with an overall health checkup. 

Peak Marketing Communications can look under the hood, ask questions, test and come back with a comprehensive report on how you’re doing and where you should focus to take your email programs to the next level.

Build, Test, Send & Review Your Emails

Need someone to stay on top of your schedule to make sure emails are set up, tested and deployed on time? 

You provide the copy and we will advise on subject lines and call to action.

We will format, test and send your email, and even split test and provide reporting and analysis of your results.