7 Steps to Ensure Your Emails are Mobile Ready

The role of mobiles in the e-commerce and email world is increasing rapidly, and we want to make sure that you don't get left behind.  Below, we offer seven steps that you can take to guarantee that your emails are mobile ready:

1.   Create standard templates. You should have a set of email designs that fit your brand and are the baseline for any emails you send. For example you might have a newsletter, a personal message, a hero product message, a multi-product email and a video email. If you don’t have that many, that’s fine. But do invest the time in creating templates you need and know are optimized to be mobile-responsive. Create new messages from these every time to avoid the mistakes that may happen in a new design.

2.  Test every template across multiple browsers and devices. Your email service provider may offer a service to show you what your email looks like when it is opened different ways. If not, consider investing in a service like, Email on Acid, or ask a marketing partner to test it for you.

3.  Resize your photos and graphics before you upload them to your email service provider. If the width of your email banner is 600, then upload a graphic with a width of 600 or less. I have seen some email programs break down when the image is larger than the space. It may resize fine on your screen, but render your template kaput on a mobile phone.

4.  Make sure anything you want someone to click on in an email is large enough for big fingers on a small screen.  If there’s a link – make it something the reader can easily click when the email is sized for mobile.  Too often I see email messages where the link is on a single word of text in small font, which is difficult to engage with.

5.  Ensure the landing page your email links to is also optimized for email. If your email looks great on a smart phone, but the link goes to a page that is only sized for desktop, you will lose your audience on the landing page.

6.  Be cognizant of change. Any time you create a new template, or change your template design, test your templates again.

7.  Consider adding text campaigns to complement your email campaigns. This is another great way to reach someone on their mobile device and can be a strong complement to an email campaign. But do make sure to obtain permission to send texts first.

If you’re looking to implement any of these ideas in your marketing messages, we can help.
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