Texting as Part of Your Email Strategy

Sending text messages is becoming an increasingly popular method to communicate with your list.  It’s quick, goes right to the person’s mobile device wherever they are, and can request an immediate response.  

Text and SMS campaigns should be incorporated into your email strategy and calendar.  The timing of your texts and emails should be carefully coordinated to work as one cohesive campaign.  The recipient is likely receiving both on one device, so orchestrate your messaging with that in mind.

If you’re thinking about texting, here are a few things to consider:

  • Opt-ins and opt-outs for your email program do NOT count as texting permission.
  • You should collect permission and unsubscribes for text messaging in separate fields in your database from your email fields.
  • You need an opt-in process and it should specifically ask for the number to text and store this separate from other phone number fields in your database.  Don’t just collect opt-ins and apply that permission to the phone number you have on file.
  • You need an opt-out process.
  • Be sure you take the person’s time zone into consideration. Don’t send a message out at 7 PM if you’re in California, but your contact is in New York. There are software programs that can manage this for you.

It’s wise to work with your legal team to get the proper opt-in and opt-out process in place. Work with your marketing team to set up your customer database and calendar.

All these processes may seem intimidating. Don’t let that stop you from creating a program. Campaigns can be a great way to reach your contacts and very productive. If you’re not ready for full-blown marketing via texting, just get your opt-in and opt-out strategy in place and begin collecting permission. Prepare your path now for using this technology in the future.