Setting Email Program Goals for 2019

The New Year is often a time for goal-setting and planning for your business and your marketing programs.

What goals will you set for email marketing in 2019?

Here are 10 goals to consider:

  • Migrate ESPs. Is your email service provider still serving your needs, or have you outgrown it? If a change is in the air you want to start the RFP process a good 4-6 months before your busy season. Allow yourself time to move, migrate, and optimize before prime months.

  • Increase your automated and triggered emails. Are you relying on broadcasts to your list for your entire email program? Create campaigns that trigger when someone takes an action like abandoning a cart or requesting a quote.

  • Improve your designs for mobile and accessibility. Revisit your email templates. Make sure your emails look great on a range of handheld devices. Ensure the designs work for everyone, including those who don’t see certain colors.

  • Cleanse your list. Make sure it is free of addresses that cause delivery issues.

  • Grow your list. Set a goal and a strategy to add more contacts to your database every month.

  • Develop a new or update your existing segmentation strategy. Make sure you understand the various contacts on your list and can segment them into groups to contact based on specific interests, demographics or behaviors.

  • Look at your customer lifecycle and develop communications for various points. What does your customer lifecycle look like and when should you be messaging contacts to prompt a response?

  • Increase Cross Channel Marketing. Do you retarget your list in different marketing channels? Do you gather contact information from other channels and update your list?

  • Improve your open and click rates. Set a plan to use regular split tests to increase engagement.

  • Understand and measure your email ROI. Email has the highest ROI of any marketing spend for many brands. Do you know how your brand measures up?