Selling Online for the Holidays? Stop! Revisit Your Key Policies This Week.

When the holiday season kicks in, it is not uncommon for websites to change their policies in several areas. Have you thought through what needs to be updated on your website?


What does your return and exchange policy say? Is it 30 days? That may not be good enough to win orders at this time of year. Let’s say I’m shopping for an expensive gift for my mother-in-law, but I know she has a tendency to return items. I compare the same product on your site and another. Your price is $40 less, but your return policy still says 30 days. I’ll pay more for the same product on a site with a return policy good through January 31, because I know that Christmas gift can be returned or exchanged.  Extend your window now, then shorten it in January.


Do you offer extended hours for customer service as the holidays draw near? If you have a brick and mortar store, do you stay open later? Do you close for any holidays?  Make sure everywhere your hours are listed on your website, they match the current hours.


Will you offer free or discounted shipping for the season? If so, state it.  Have you determined your cutoff dates for delivery by Christmas?  Create a shipping calendar and post it.

Customer Service

Some companies add extra customer service features, hours, or live chat windows during peak seasons. If this is you, update your site.

The bottom line is, you’re changing business policies to prepare for the holiday rush.  Where do customers look for these policies? On your website. Be sure you reflect all changes, promote the ones that are an added value, and make a plan to revert any changes necessary in January.