Email Performance Benchmarks By Industry

How do you know if your email metrics are good? Is your average email open rate one you should be happy with? Are your email click rates lackluster?

Watch your brand’s performance metrics over time. If engagement numbers are going up or down, it tells you a story and points to what’s working and what’s not. Trends within your own marketing campaigns are important indicators.

Another factor you can look at are industry benchmarks. What are the average email performance rates in your industry? As with any other metric, the exact numbers are going to vary based on who you survey. Here are reports from different email service providers about the averages across their clients.

Mailchimp – Email Industry Benchmarks as of March, 2018:


Campaign Monitor - using 2018 Year data:


Constant Contact, as of June 2019:


Email performance benchmarks for campaigns across 13 different industries, from Klaviyo, using 2018 data:


When you clean your list, re-engage it and when you segment your list, your numbers improve. If you’ve been diligent about keeping a clean list and delivering content relevant to your audience and segmenting your list, your averages are likely to be higher. If you’ve neglected best practices, your numbers may be lower.

Know that no matter what industry you’re looking at, different types of campaigns will have different rates. Emails sent in response to an action visitors took on your site will be higher than the engagement rates for broadcast messages. You’ll find the list for triggered email versus broadcast email performance at the bottom of this article, below the industry benchmark reports.

Get Response open and click rate data for email message type response. Based on Q3 & Q4 2018 data: