Business to Business Triggered Email Campaigns

Triggered email sequences are automated campaigns based on an action someone takes on your website. They require up front work, which provides ongoing returns.  The most talked about automations like abandoned shopping carts focus on Business to Consumer websites.

Business to Business sites also benefit greatly from implementing automated campaigns. There are plenty of triggered sequences specifically for business.

Here are 3 good examples of places to used triggered B2B email campaigns:

1. Request a Quote

Allow website visitors to request a quote online for a product, product bundle or job. Automate the follow up campaign and funnel the lead to an associate.

2. Wholesale Account

For wholesale sites, offer an option to request an account and the ability to log in to your site to see wholesale pricing.  Create a series to process the request and keep the applicant informed as you review the application, while educating them about your business. If the application is improved, migrate the contact into a welcome series.

3. Schedule a Demo

Showcase something unique about your product or services.  Don’t give away the entire process. Ask contacts to opt in on your site to schedule an online demo or consultation with your staff.