Automating Your Lead Funnel Communications

Automating Your Lead Funnel Communications

Modern email offers so many opportunities to connect with your company’s contacts beyond the standard broadcast email. One of the best ways a business to business company can leverage email is by creating an automated email funnel for some of your front-end communications prospect leads.

There are 3 key steps to building your funnel.

1)  Map Your Process Flow

Here’s a very simple example of the first steps in a workflow for a new lead and with a follow-up step to schedule an appointment.


2)  Build your process elements (emails, forms to complete, etc.) and automation

3)  Run your workflow, drive traffic and continue to monitor and optimize

Updating your process to an automated one can bring many benefits:

  • Save time and create efficiencies by automating standard communications
  • Reduce the possibility of leads falling through the cracks by capturing their information with a lead form and ensuring the first communications happen quickly
  • Standardize branding and messaging instead of individual reps sending their own messages
  • Lead scoring can be added to funnels to help prioritize leads that are opening your emails and responding to funnel steps.