What does your signature say?

Your signature on paper is unique. We all develop our own style after years of writing our name. So unique, that we can be identified in the handwriting of our signatures.  But, when is the last time you gave thought to how you sign emails?

Email signatures can be customized in just about any program.  Many people never take the time to set up a standard signature.   Here's a few things you should think about:

  • Do you have a standard way anyone in your business formats their email signature? If not, how do you know someone on staff hasn't forgotten to put your company website in their signature? Or worse, do you know if they put a giant, cutesy, animated graphic of a smiling unicorn that dominates their email messages? I've seen maybe not a smiling unicorn, but pretty close to it for professional signatures.
  • Did you establish your email signature on both emails sent from your computer/laptop/tablet AND your smartphone? Often your smartphone will need the signature set up separately.
  • You can use images for your signature.  A scan of your handwritten signature, a company logo, a professional photo of yourself...these are all acceptable.   Beware though, if your entire signature area is an image.  Many people read or view emails with images turned off. So, if you put everything  into one big graphic...your name may be lost. Try a blend instead. Type your name and your business, then add a graphic for the company logo.
  • Do you add anything to your signature to promote your business? How about a line that tells about an upcoming special event? Use the real estate around your signature to share a brief message or the landing page to an online promotion. Just be sure you change it before it becomes dated.

How you sign your name may seem like a simple thing and it's often overlooked. But it only takes a few minutes to set a standard signature. Taking those few minutes can say a lot about you.